Mirrors have become more than a reflective piece of glass attached to the wall with plastic clips. We glue each mirror directly to your wall and silicone the bottom to ensure your mirror doesn't tarnish over time. 

We offer mirror in normal silver, bronze, grey and antique finishes. We also have several options of decorative moldings that can be used to wrap your mirror. 

We can float mirrors, suspend mirrors, add depth and protrude your mirror from the wall. Have an arch top ceiling or a piece of trim in the way? No problem! We cut all of our mirrors in house and fabricate each of our mirrors to fit your application. Nothing is standard and out of a box here!



Glass has found its way into staircases, balcony's and hallways. Glass opens up your space and shows every detail that went into the building of your home. We have several styles which mount on the side or directly on top of the surface you need blocked off. Each style comes in a variety of finishes. We also offer custom top rails and glass mounted handrails made of steel, wood or Lucite.



Our in house artist has been in the art glass industry for many years. He has worked in Casinos in Las Vegas, movie stars homes in Los Angeles, custom home builders and for lead designers across the country. Got a design or logo you want to showcase on Glass? We are the ones to call. 



With so many textures available we are confident we can help you achieve the look you are going for. Each of our sales members carries samples to help you pick out the perfect one. We can even change out your current glass if you are just wanting to change it up. 

We also carry glass shelves if your are really looking to open things up.



Need a glass board for the office or board room? Want a solid color glass backsplash for the kitchen or an accent wall? Want it come with magnetic markers that stick right to the glass? We can do that! With so many options for a wall why not throw glass in the mix? We can stick it directly to your wall or put the glass on standoffs so you can get that modern look you were going for. 

Our fabricators can match any color on a Sherwin-Williams fan-out. If you are looking for something with more than one color we also offer glass printing or you can go with our exclusive line of Sici's Glass. 



One of our industries dying arts is spotlighted in our company. With over 40 years of experience in stained glass we offer something that many other companies do not, and we do it in house. We also offer on site repairs for those looking to restore their current windows. 


Exclusive Distributions

Sicis Glass - Sicis Glass is the worlds most modern, designer oriented glass on the market. A laminated glass product that gives textures, colors and patterns that have never been done. With so many styles and applications this glass can fit just about any need. This glass is safe in hospitality, public works, private homes, commercial buildings, spas, and has even been used on yachts. Looking to take your pool to the text level? This product is even water safe! All orders are filled directly from us to the factory in Italy.

Shower Hardware Distribution - G&G Distributing offers products for all shower door companies. Tire of the hours spent at Will call and having basic orders placed on Back Order? That's not what's going to happen here. We focus on the main hardware that shower companies use and we only offer it in the three main colors (Chrome, Brushed Nickel, Oil Rubbed Bronze). We have your Hinges, handles, extrusions and brackets on hand ready to pickup. We even have your 1/4" frame-less hardware. Help us Help you save some money and time.

The Original Moon Glass - This is our in house glass that we make right here in Fort Worth. Our very own Jeff Benson came up not only with this glass texture but the Machine that makes it as well. Back in the early 2000's at Jeff's art glass company, J&L Glass Works, the Moon Glass name was adopted when one of Jeff's children saw what he had made and said it looked like the moon. The name stuck and the product began to sell. Moon Glass is a clear textured glass that is popular in Showers, Cabinets, Glass Partitions and counter tops. Moon glass now comes in a variety of colors and can even be used as privacy glass.